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Multi-stage baby weaning spoon and dipper - Dippit™ (Two Pack)

Multi-stage baby weaning spoon and dipper - Dippit™ (Two Pack)
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Dipper and spoon in one

Dual-ended to let your baby explore flavours with the dipper end, then transition to scooping with the deep contoured spoon when they’re ready.

The dipper end is uniquely shaped to support their oral sensory development, and is perfect for yoghurts, porridge and purees, as well as soothing little gums


The first two-handed baby spoon

The ergonomic and innovative two-handles allow for ease of control even with the youngest of babies – this frustrations from dropping, and means more food reaches their mouth. Ultimately, this establishes successful self-feeding and a more enjoyable mealtime for all. Lovingly designed to give them independence before their wrist control develops.


Supports self-feeding

With a little parent assistance, the Dippit™ can be brought into baby’s focus through the midline, a key foundation of self-feeding success. This means the baby can see their food on the spoon, developing their hand-eye coordination when practicing bringing food to their own mouth.


Promotes independence and curiosity

Whether you're baby-led weaning, traditional weaning or a combination of the two, the unique design of the Dippit™ supports successful feeding. Independent exploration of food is a fantastic opportunity to support sensory development, hand eye-coordination, oral muscle development, and the all-important grasp grip.


Developed with experts, parents and babies

Finalist for Innovation Award from Baby Products Association. The Dippit™ is the first utensil of its kind, with features carefully included to establish the foundations for successful self-feeding

“The ultimate innovation in baby feeding that I have ever seen” by Clare Pidgeon, Paediatric Occupational Therapist.

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Setting little mouths up for feeding success.

The Dippit™ is a unique two-handed multi-stage weaning spoon and dipper in one. It’s the first utensil of its kind, supporting independent exploration of new tastes and textures during weaning.  The Dippit™ allows babies to transition from dipper to spoon seamlessly, enabling them to explore flavours with the textured dipper end, and then when they’re ready, flip it to use the spoon for scooping!  What’s more the chewable dipper is perfect for soothing sore gums as their teeth come through too.

The Dippit™ has already been selected as a Finalist in the Innovation Award from Baby Products Association. 

Designed by experts and parents, the innovative ergonomic shape allows babies to develop their grasp, improve their hand-eye coordination to get the Dippit™ (and the food!) into their mouths, and also strengthen their mouth muscles at this crucial stage.

The Dippit™ is the first baby utensil to allow a two-handed approach to feeding. The shape allows parents to guide the food to the midline where baby can see it and grab it - developing their hand-eye coordination and establishing the foundation for successful self-feeding. 

Already cited as “the ultimate innovation in baby feeding that I have ever seen” by Clare Pidgeon, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, the Dippit™ will soon be a key weaning essential, supporting babies curiosities, independence and developmental milestones at feeding.  Our first users have said that "The Dippit is fantastic for the beginning of weaning where baby is trying to feed themselves but is usually unsuccessful! I could gently assist rather than taking over, so he actually got the food into him, and was learning the movements for himself too."

Available as a Two Pack


Baby spoon and dipper in one
Learn to dip and scoop with ease - independently or with parent assistance- 

Unique two-handed multi-grip utensil
Parent can support baby by holding either the dipper or spoon to help steer the Dippit™ in the desired direction – supporting, but not limiting baby

Innovation Award Finalist from Baby Products Association
First utensil to allow a two-handed approach to feeding, establishing the foundations of successful self-feeding 

Dipper end supports flavour exploration
Textured shape promotes oral sensory exploration and mouth muscle development 

Deep contoured spoon for easy scooping
Promoting babies independence when weaning, and minimising frustrations 

Supports hand-eye coordination development
Centring the Dippit™ in their mid-line encourages self-feeding and independence 

Designed to soothe sore gums
 Soft chewable dipper and sensory textured handles 

Ergonomic easy grip handles
Supporting babies sensory development, and their grasp while reducing frustrations

The perfect transition weaning cutlery
Supporting babies progression from dipping to scooping with ease when self-feeding, and then onto Handi Cutlery

Sold as a Two pack
Complementary designs and colours to coordinate with the Bibado Coveralls


Info & Baby Safety

As parents ourselves, we know the importance of using baby-safe products for added peace of mind. We ensure Bibado comply with the strictest of international safety standards for childrens cutlery. Our Dippit™ has passed international safety testing for the EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.   
If you have any questions about our safety testing process, please email

Dippit™: Suitable for use from 6 months.

Always use with adult supervision

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2x matching cutlery with 2x coveralls - You save up to $30!

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Ready to start weaning?

Our first parent Dippit™ testers have loved watching their little ones enjoying exploring food without the usual feeding frustrations. 

“My little boy who’s just 6 months took to the Dippit straightaway.  He loved chewing the dipper end especially with cooling yoghurt on, and when eating already reaches out with two hands to feed himself” Eva, UK

Did you know?

Babies learn to bend their elbows well before they can control their wrist rotation, so a two-handed self-feeding approach means they have more control, drop less food, and get less frustrated at mealtimes.

The Dippit™ is the perfect stage one weaning spoon, developing babies independence, hand-eye coordination and lots more.  It’ll be messy, but also lots of fun, so make sure you have our award-winning Coverall to hand, and save time on the clean-up! 

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