We know how you feel, mummies. Anything that has to do with a baby or toddler can get messy real quick.
If you are starting baby-led weaning, we have to say it will get messy.
There are so many benefits to baby-led weaning, but it might make you feel stressed out with the mess that comes with it.
But don’t lose hope! We’re here to tell you some secrets for a less mess, more fun mealtimes with your little ones.


1. Accept That It’ll be Messy

First of all, it is important to accept that it will be messy - weaning in general is messy. Baby-Led Weaning might be messier because we’re letting our little one explore on their own and this method comes with its own benefits and consequences – such as the mess it produces. By accepting this mindset, we get to reduce our expectations for cleanliness during weaning and in turn ease our stress when it’s getting messy. When you enjoy the process, your little one will also get to enjoy their meal times even more!

2. Put Meal Little by Little

While it is tempting to put a lot of food on the highchair or plates, it is best to put their meal little by little. Your little one might get intimidated by the amount of food on the table and instead swipe them off the table. By placing a small amount, we’re reducing the chance of them throwing their whole meal off their table and making the experience less intimidating for both you and the baby.

3. Catch Before It Falls

When you’re weaning, it is important to watch your baby attentively to ensure your little one isn't choking. Other than that, you can also watch for your baby when they’re about to throw their food. You can pick up little bits of food and collect them, getting ahead of the cleaning up time !

4. Choose Your Food and Timing

If you know you’re going to offer meals that can easily become messier than usual, feeding before their bath time would be a great choice. You can clean them up while bathing them right after! If you have little time to clean, choose a less messy food such as carrot, dried grapes, etc.

5. Protect All Surfaces

We know it’s not only your high chair that would get all the mess. Avoid weaning your little one on the carpet or hardwood. Find easy to clean surfaces such as ceramic floorings when possible so you can wipe the mess afterward. You may also use plastic mats below the highchair for easy cleaning.



6. Use Suction Plates/Bowls

With suction plates or bowls, we can avoid a big movement to swipe their plates or bowls in one go. While not all of their food might stay on the plate, at least we can keep the plates on their high chair! Plates or bowls with raised edges also help your little one to grip trickier food a little easier.

7. Use Bibado’s Coverall Weaning Bibs

Choosing the right bib is one of the most important parts of keeping your meal times less messy. With Bibado Coveralls Weaning Bibs, you don’t have to worry about food getting into their clothes because they’re fully covered! With our Easy-Wipe Fabric, cleaning becomes so much easier and quicker. On top of that you can also machine wash your bib at 40 degrees. With this versatile bib, you can use them on highchairs, pushchairs, or even directly onto a table.

You don’t have to worry about your little one growing out of their coverall bibs, Bibado Coverall Weaning Bibs offers generous sizing with adjustable neck and sleeve length. They can be used from 6 - 36 months old, from their first bites to their messy plays as toddlers!

8. Use Bibado’s Handi Cutlery

With Bibado’s Handi Cutlery, you can attach them to your coverall weaning bib. This allows your little one to explore food with a spoon and fork, they can pick up and drop them as many times as they like while getting the hang of it. You also don’t have to worry about picking up their cutleries when they drop or throw it across the room!

Bibado’s Handi Cutlery are also ergonomically designed to fit into your little one’s hands to encourage development of their pincer grip. Even when wet, they are still grippy, so they’re less likely to slip out of messy or wet hands. The simple grip fork is also designed to help them pick up food instead of just mashing it into a bowl or a plate. This way, your little one can get food into their mouth easily and enjoy their mealtimes.


What do you think of these tips to less messy BLW meal times? Have you tried any of these before? Share your experience or your own secrets to less messy, more fun BLW meal times in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!


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