Babies usually start eating solid-food at around 6 months old. In our last article of 100 First Foods, we have talked about all the possibilities that our little ones can eat. It’s exciting to think of the new textures and colours they could try for the first time. Despite that, it doesn’t mean that the baby can eat everything. There are some exceptions, especially before your little one hits the one year old milestone. Here are the list of foods to avoid before 12 months old.

Foods to Avoid Before 12 Months Old


  • 1) Honey 

Honey may be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum, which is a harmful bacteria that cause infant botulism. Infant Botulism may cause muscle weakness, constipation and trouble breathing. This bacteria is safe for older kids and adults as our digestive system has matured. Other than that, honey is a sugar. Avoiding honey could help prevent tooth decay as well.

  • 2) Unpasteurised Meats and Dairy Products

Unpasteurised meats and dairy products may cause food poisoning as they may carry harmful bacteria such as Listeria. Check for the label to see whether the food has been pasteurised, otherwise, avoid giving it to your little one.

  • 3) High Mercury Fish

Avoid giving your baby high mercury fish which includes swordfish, marlin, and shark. Mercury is a heavy metal that could affect your baby’s brain, spine and nervous system development. Instead, opt for a small amount of low mercury fish like salmon, cod, or light tuna.

  • 4) Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk contains high concentrations of proteins and minerals. Baby’s digestive system is still developing, thus their kidney and digestive system may have trouble processing these high amounts of protein and minerals. Other than that, cow’s milk doesn’t meet the amount of nutrients that your baby may need such as iron, vitamin C, etc.

  • 5) Salt

According to experts, a baby’s needs for sodium are already met from breast milk or formula. That is why it is important not to add salt and to avoid salty food for your baby’s meal, as high levels of salt means high levels of sodium and it may cause stress to your baby’s immature kidneys.

  • 6) Sugar

Babies don’t need sugar as it lacks the nutrients they need. High amounts of sugar may also increase the risk of tooth decay, obesity and high blood pressure. It is also important to give babies time to develop their palates to healthy foods. This is also why fruit juice isn’t recommended for babies below 1 year old as – other than not being as nutritious as whole fruit – they may have high amounts of sugar. 

  • 7) Raw and partially cooked eggs

While babies can consume well-cooked eggs from the age of  6 months, it is not recommended to give raw or partially cooked eggs. This is because there is a risk of salmonella, other bacterial infections and allergic reactions. 

  • 8) Choking Hazards

Other than foods that could cause health risks for your baby, it is also important to pay attention to food that may cause choking hazards. These may include sticky foods, round or coin shaped foods, raw foods and hard to chew foods. Avoid giving your baby foods that can’t be dissolved in their mouth, easily sucked to their windpipe or can’t be mashed by their gums.

Now, do you have better ideas on what foods to avoid? Share with us in the comment sections below!

We hope you’ll have a great weaning journey with your little one! 

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