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"The Bibado Coverall was created after failing, no matter how hard I tried, to keep my identical twin girls clean during the weaning process and beyond. I was extremely frustrated by the lack of choice for weaning bibs. Nothing seemed to stop the food I lovingly prepared for my daughters being dropped, spilt, and thrown all over the place, (banana stains do not come out in the wash). The high chair was splattered in food as well as a two-meter blast zone around it! Clearing up from three mealtimes a day, which often included a full outfit change, was precious time I did not have.

I finally had the ta-dah moment of how to create a simple product that could potentially change the lives of Mums and Dads all over the country. After many prototypes (which started off as a cut up umbrella) we finally have a Bibado Coverall ready to face the challenges of meal times especially for you and your little one. Throughout the development process we have worked closely with mums across the UK - so it really is a product made by mums for mums!

We are now on a mission to make parents lives easier through practical innovations, like the Bibado Coverall which make a difference to their daily routines"

Rachel, BIBADO Founder
Innovation and family are at the heart of BIBADO.
Every one of our products will always be designed
to make parents lives easier; while our flexible
work environment allows our team to enjoy equal
fulfilment from their work and family lives.
We try to make a difference in everything we do.

Founding Principles

BIBADO exists for the core purpose of making parents lives easier.
We aim to achieve this by following these four guiding principles in everything we do:


We believe that it is the million little things a parent has to contend with daily which make this stage of life so difficult. We aim to make a difference through reducing these chores as much as possible in new and innovative ways and therefore enable parents everywhere to be more of the parent they want to be.


We believe that both parents, and society as a whole are hugely missing out due to the incompatibility that exists between most jobs and life with young families. We aim to make an impact on the lives of parents by providing stimulating, exciting, rewarding employment which flexibly fits around their families, allowing them to benefit fully from both family life and work.


We are driven to create and contribute to something larger than ourselves. We believe that by growing and developing a lasting business, created to make a positive impact to the lives of our team, our customers and wider society, we can derive the same pride, fulfilment and excitement from our professional lives as we do from growing and developing our families in our personal lives.


We will grow BIBADO such that when anyone has a baby, they are recommended multiple BIBADO products by friends and family as “the thing” they need to make their life easier. We will build BIBADO to be a business which empowers and develops its people, makes a difference to its customers, pursues both profits and greater purpose and never compromises on environmental or business sustainability.